Gone are the days when the AR staff has enough time on its hands to stay ahead of the game.  Putting out fires often seems to be the norm, and finding a way to touch all accounts with any sort of regularity seems almost like a pipe dream.

That’s where Client Services Group steps in.  We become that additional staff you need to make the contacts you can’t. Trained professionals at Client Services Group will contact your customers in a soft-call, customer service-style manner.


Eighty percent of sales may be made with twenty percent of your customer base, but having the remaining twenty percent of sales spread over so many more customers means you are faced with the daunting task of somehow staying on top of what’s happening with that still-substantial amount of business.

Everyone wants these sales to grow and continue.  Someone needs to stay in contact with these customers, but no one seems to have the staffing or the budget to handle this task.


What if you could turn over the entire process and management of this project to a professional staff experienced in creating a “customer service-style” environment for these customers? What if you could set up the parameters and pay only for the actual work on those files needing to be touched?


Client Services Group was created to meet the need many credit executives have in finding a way to maintain contact with customers when their credit and AR staff is already stretched very thin.

Our staff will contact each of your customers, informing them that your company has partnered with us to assist in managing your cash flow.  Customers will be thanked for their business on your company’s behalf, and asked if additional contact with someone in sales would be appreciated.  Your customer will also be asked if copies of invoices or statements are needed, where and to whom they should be sent, and when the invoices may be expected to be put with the customer’s accounts payable department.

If you prefer to customize how your customers are approached and what specifics should be covered when we make contact for you, we will be happy to work with you to meet your specific needs.


Client Services Group can help you develop a soft call/first call program.

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